Following Bots Gone Bad Is Hurting Your Brand

A word to the wise marketing on social media, many of the marketing bots you followed in the carefree innocent days of Twitter have become the online equivalent of mogwai fed after midnight. Many of the accounts that used to post inspirational quotes between links to spam websites now spew violent, hateful tweets and tweets designed […]

Why The Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act Matters to You

Flanked by oceans on either side America has enjoyed the luxury of massive natural defenses in the three traditional arenas. The internet has eliminated these barriers. In today’s world the arenas of warfare are land, air, sea and cyber. In the cyber arena America is just as vulnerable as Ukraine which has been on the front […]

Tools: Reverse Google Image Search

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A doctored photo is worth at least that many in spreading disinformation and sowing the seeds of division. Fortunately Google has an easy and effective tool for debunking falsified photos. Some considerations in debunking falsified photos: Often when a doctored photo first appears results for the […]

United states capitol building at night, dome lit up and white against dark sky, bright blue twitter birds on the sky bombing towards dome

Related Links for Presentation: Impact of Social Media on Democracy

These are links related to the presentation: “How Social Media Affected our Democratic Elections” Tools How To: Google Reverse Image Search Hamilton 68 Dashboard This dashboard displays data about Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter in near-real time. These topics quickly spread to Facebook. I recommend bookmarking this site and checking in each morning as part […]