On the latest Facebook breach

This will likely be an evergreen title. Right now it refers to the news that 50 million users were impacted by the exploitation of the token bug. Given Facebook’s tendency to roll out reveals of how bad breaches really are I expect to learn far more accounts were impacted and were more deeply impacted than first […]

the impact of social media on democracy

Event: September 21 -The Weaponization of Social Media

The invention of the printing press rocked the status quo of its time by irrevocably changing the creation and dissemination of information. We are going through an equally significant transition with the advent of social media in our society. As with any tool, social media can be used to build or to destroy. We discovered […]

Teaching Digital Resilience to K-12

This article was originally published on Texas Computer Education Association. View the original here. In today’s world, much of our society happens online. It’s where people socialize, share ideas, and debate. However, it also isn’t without potential dangers.  Extremist groups recruit online. Cyberspace has been added to land, air, and sea as the fourth arena of warfare. […]

fat roll of 100 dollar bills

What is the Honest Ads Act?

“Paid for by…” We have become so accustomed to hearing that phrase at the end of a political ad on TV or radio and seeing it on print ads that something feels missing without it. Yet that information is not required on social media posts. It is not that it was never discussed. In 2011 […]

brown boots with laces

8 Ways To Start Developing Your Digital Resilience Skills

Mark Twain observed, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting its boots on”.  In the technology of his day that was true. These days a lie can lap the planet three times and develop into a full blown conspiracy theory while Truth is still tying her laces. While […]

Putin’s Fake News Pinball: How To Launder Disinformation

In this article we take a look at how Putin’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) games social media to give their disinformation stories the veneer of legitimacy. Think of it as a big pinball game. The ball is the fabricated news story. This is truly fake news. It isn’t a mistake. It isn’t an opinion piece. […]

group of 4 toy bots with silly but sinister faces

What the heck is a bot?

Bots, bots, bots, here a bot, there a bot, everywhere a bot! — we keeping hearing about how Russian bots flooding our social media. But what is a bot really? The short answer is this: Bots are automated social media accounts — thousands of accounts run on thousands of phones controlled by a few people on […]

White play arrow on red background with overlay of three black question marks

Fake Video: The Latest Assault On Truth

If you think things are bad with the fake news and doctored photos, just wait until you see what is coming. The technology to create fake videos has arrived. With this technology any video found on YouTube can be altered to make the target appear to say anything the perpetrators want. Watch this two-minute video to […]

Following Bots Gone Bad Is Hurting Your Brand

A word to the wise marketing on social media, many of the marketing bots you followed in the carefree innocent days of Twitter have become the online equivalent of mogwai fed after midnight. Many of the accounts that used to post inspirational quotes between links to spam websites now spew violent, hateful tweets and tweets designed […]