Hamilton68 Russian Twitter Agent Activity: December 9, 2017

Hamilton68 is a dashboard tracking the activity of Putin’s agent accounts on Twitter in near real-time. It is a tool created by a bipartisan, transatlantic team in order to “shine a bright light” on Putin’s active measures against democratic nations on social media.   Even if you do not use Twitter it is important to know […]

Why Russian Trolls Are Not Trolls

We are in Cold War 2.0. We enter the battlefield every time we log into one of our social media accounts.The Russians have weaponized our own innovations for communication against us. This is a carefully orchestrated military campaign against America. Cyberspace is now considered the 4th theatre of warfare. Putin has, to put it mildly, embraced […]

How To Spot and Counter Russian Active Measures on Social Media

Russia has weaponized social media against us. They are applying their classic propaganda and disinformation tactics to these new communication channels. Our best defense and Putin’s worst nightmare is an informed American electorate. Come learn how to spot and counter their tactics & strategies. November 14, 2017 2:00pm – 3:00pm Guy Mason Recreation Center Calvert […]

What Is RT? Why Must They Register Under FARA?

We know Putin deployed his powerful disinformation and propaganda machine  against the 2016 American election, that he has continued the assault, and that he will ramp up for our 2018 and 2020 elections. Countering these active measures against our government and society is complex. Due, in part, to the complexity of their assault on many […]

The Tribal Marketplace

Ever wondered why some brands seem to have a frustratingly loyal following even when other products with better features at lower prices are available? In today’s marketplace there is a new influencing factor on purchasing decisions. These days features, price and even quality may not be the final determining factor in a buying decision. Often it […]