Related Links for Presentation: How Social Media Has Affected Our Democratic Elections

These are links related to the presentation: “How Social Media Affected our Democratic Elections”

Background On Cold War 2.0

The Atlantic: What Facebook Did to American Democracy

This article is an excellent look at how Facebook evolved from being a site where people shared pictured of their pets and dinner to one of the, if  not the main information and news distribution mechanisms. This article includes many links for even more in-depth understanding of this phenomenon.

The Cipher Brief: Look to Cold War History to Confront Russian Meddling

Frontline’s Two Part Series: Putin’s Revenge

Part 1

Part 2

Americans Polluting the Information Stream

Buzzfeed: Inside The Alt-Right’s Campaign To Smear Trump Protesters As Anarchists

Twitter Thread Cataloging some of the efforts to insert false information

Warning: This both these links contain content that is may be disturbing to some and is not safe for work.

On Legislation for Funding Disclosure on Social Media

Foreign Council On Relations: Bringing Transparency and Accountability to Online Political Ads

On the Technology to Create Fake Videos

Vanity Fair: Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier Than You Ever Dreamed

This article explains the technology to create fake information videos by manipulating actual video footage to make the person appears to say

Related videos:

Extended explanation of the technology (6:35 minutes)

Quick explanation of the technology  (1:53 minutes)

How To Vet News Stories

Lawfare Blog: How to Read a News Story About an Investigation: Eight Tips on Who Is Saying What

“Sources say”, but what does that really mean? This article breaks down the code of how sources are referenced in news articles.


NPR: Learning To Spot Fake News – Start With a Gut Check

A great article on specific strategies to learn to spot fake news. With a little practice these techniques quickly become second nature. If you share one of these links to your Facebook page make it this one.

Tool to Monitor Stories Pushed by Russian Twitter Bots and Trolls

Hamilton 68 Dashboard

This dashboard displays data about Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter in near-real time. These topics quickly spread to Facebook. I recommend bookmarking this site and checking in each morning as part of your daily news review.

@webradius publishes an analysis of Hamilton 68 data each morning on Twitter.


Resource to Counter Efforts to Drive You to Divisive Thinking

Dr. Fred Luskin

Russia’s primary goal is to turn our social fissures into canyons. If we can’t be provoked Putin’s tactics won’t work. There are domestic actors taking up the same mission.

The most patriotic thing each of us can do right now is find a way to see past our differences. A tall order in these challenging times. And Dr. Fred Luskin has done empirical studies on how people do just that. He has worked with such populations as survivors of the Irish religious conflict and customer service reps during the financial collapse.

Forgive for Good

Yes, he uses the word “Forgiveness” which sounds fluffy & foofy, but it is because he is challenging our assumptions of the concept.

Stress Free for Good

If you just can’t get past the word forgive try this book.




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