Field Report: #ThingsITrustMoreThanFox

Hamilton68 is a dashboard tracking the activity of Putin’s agent accounts on Twitter in near real-time. It is a tool created by a bipartisan, transatlantic team in order to “shine a bright light” on Putin’s active measures against democratic nations on social media.  

Even if you do not use Twitter it is important to know and understand the tactics deployed there  as the thought and talking point campaigns there often make their way to other sites as well as to offline conversations.

This morning the hashtag “thingsItrustmorethancnn” (or more legibly here, things I trust more than CNN) is trending on among Putin’s agent accounts.

Notice this comes after Fox posted a “misleading”, i.e. a story that is such a page out of the Russian disinformation playbook one wonders if RT didn’t help them write it.

It was the claim that Moore’s accuser admited to forging the yearbook message because she added the date and place. Americans raised hell calling out the truth & Twitter started mocking Fox with #thingsItrustmorethanFOX. 

Fox has now deleted the tweet.

With their sister state news TV under attack the Russians deployed one of their classic moves – Accuse the other side of what you are doing.

Given that #thingsItrustmorethanFOX continues to trend while #thingsItrustmorethanCNN is not it looks like some bots’ performance bonuses may be in jeopardy.


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